Monday, 15 February 2016

Should I Buy Organic Food

Any food that is derived from animals and plants and are grown and raised in accordance with the strict guidelines associated with government’s definition of the term “organic” is called Organic Food.

Any food that can be certified as organic food must be grown without the use of products such as fertilizers that is manufactured, pesticides that is man-made of synthetic, any additives that control or modify growth, antibodies or any livestock feed that contain additives.

Those early days eating organic food was confined to a small number of people. Life changing after 1960’s where women began to work outside home and the trend is to prepare  convenience foods , that is  the processed foods. This mean a good meal is made available upon order within short span of time. The emergence for demand of frozen and processed foods take place.

People does not pay much attention on organic food as taking it means  people has to visit the butcher , the produce vendor and the dairy farm which is they no longer having time for it. Further by visiting the supermarket, they could get food supply for the family’s consumption for several days. Thus, people are succumb to speed and convenience due to time limitation.

As the world’s food production styles changes, people’s feeling towards the foods that they eat also changed. This changes are largely due to their thinking that they no longer know what type of food that has absorbed by their bodies . Seldom people know what processed foods are made of.

The stories of E.coli outbreaks, genetic food engineering, the potential dangers of eating foods that are injected with hormones has fuel some worries to them.  This has trigger the people to start taking organic food and has become the latest trend for people from all levels of society.

Organic food is more costly than non-organic food, but is worth for body health. Not only for better health but those taking it claim that these foods taste better than those grown outside the scope of the term “organic” . By fact, eating organic food is the best way or is the only way to feel 100% confident about the foods that they consumed.

At present, organic food is  a big business and an ever-growing segment in the food industry. Farmers are changing the way they grow their food to take advantage of the growing demand. But on the contrary for food growers this means a lot of patience is needed.  

Normally it can take-up to 2 full years for the land to be cleaned by itself from those synthetic pesticides and fertilizers that have been applied before on the land many years prior to growing organic. Still it is worth waiting.

Due to its gaining popularity, organic foods no longer confine its availability at specialty stores. Large grocery store chains had began to provide more shelf spaces to meet the ever growing needs for organic food supply.
Organic Food


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