Saturday, 23 April 2016

Why Organic Food Is Better For You

You may have by now have heard about the organic food  where the organic food are healthier to consume.  There are people whom are not sure whether to switch to organic foods. If you are one of them, you may find  some reasons of why you should switch to organic foods.  One common question that people ask is , why organic foods are better?.

Here are the answer :-

Organic  foods are truly healthy. 

Organic  food could not be made by anyone.   Any companies that produce organic foods must be certified by the Quality Assurance International group (QAI) . Their produce must undergo rigorous tests and must meet a very high standards.  Those foods that passed the tests will be stamped with a Certified  Organic by QAI sticker or label.  Such certification  is  a proof to the quality  of the organic foods.

Organic Foods taste better.  

This will make you and other  eaters  prone to eat more organic foods , stick to it  and will start  fully an organic diet.  This will  improve your health.  Why I said that? Because  those vegetables and fruits are grown without the involvement of pesticides and other potential harmful chemicals.  Growing organic foods require green soil, thus  will likely produce better results and better  taste.

 It  is said that  organic foods can help  in lowering the risk of cancer.  While some pesticides that farmers use are considered safe,  it still has some risks and this include the risk of cancer.  Many are not aware of this which is at alarming stage. Although the weed killers and insect killers revealed many chemicals as shown by EPA which is considered dangerous, it is still being used in many foods especially vegetables and fruits that are sold until today.   But with organic foods , you  don’t have to worry  as it is not going through the same process as the above. That is why many claims that organic foods can reduce the chances of cancer.

Many of us are aware that  the benefits of organic foods  is about health and wellness, but what their concern is the cost.  Organic foods cost more than ordinary foods but it is worth the money.  Our health are priceless and we will spend more on medical expenses which is high when we are strike by serious sickness such as cancer.

Although the cost of  buying organic foods is high , we still can save our money by  using organic food coupons  or  search for organic food sales and  stock up  when there is sales. Organic food coupons can be found  in newspaper inserts on weekend or search from online.

You  may be  start thinking of moving  to organic foods since there are a number of benefits in it. Organic food is sold online and locally.  At local point, there will be a section selling organic foods  at your supermarket  or you can get it  at a special organic food stores.


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