Tuesday, 1 March 2016

What's Beautiful About Spring Season

The month of  March is approaching which mark the end of winter and appearance of spring season.  Spring is one of  the 4 seasons together with summer ( which comes after spring) , autumn and winter. Each of the season is having different weather and length of daylights.

In this article , I am going to write about spring season, how it looks like in this season and what can be done in this spring as compared to winter.

Spring is where for some countries it is like  coming back to life after a long cold winter and in this season the flowers begin to bloom.

On the first day of spring the length of day  and night are the same where each has a 12-hours duration. Why this happen? This is because the sun shine directly over the equator which divide the earth  half way between the North and South Poles. Later as the season moves,  the daylight will get longer and longer until summer appear.

In spring , you can find that the weather is mixed.  The season will start with windy followed by showery and ended with sunshine. However, towards the end, the night can be frosty and cold while daytime it is sunny and warm.

Spring is the season of flowers. This is the time where all kinds of flowers start to bloom. It is a beautiful season.  Flowers of various colours dance along with movement of breezing wind.   The south wind blows a light breeze and we can feel the pleasant of it.

What can be done in this season?  This is the season where many hobbies are waiting for. With it pleasant weather, many activities can be made. With the flowers start to bloom, it is best for gardening. This is the season where all gardeners start to plan and make their time busy gardening.

In this season you can see more home improvement projects going-on as it could not be done due to the winter weather was too cold. From a small project like repairing and replacing floors to a big project like building a new garage or store , this season is best suitable to improve properties and home.

Why it is done in spring? This is because the weather is not too cold or too hot and more work can be done due to longer daylight. Thus, spring is the busiest season for home improvements.

Spring means melting snow and cleaner homes. It is also the time for renewing and find new motivation. With the temperature  hovers between warm and brisk, you have good reasons to enjoy the pleasant weather outdoors . The best time to do more outdoors activities is during a chilly spring morning or evening.

One of  the popular outdoors activities is the camping , hiking and horseback riding. There are plenty reasons why you should not forgo the enjoyment of outdoor activities during spring seasons. The nature call of spring will entice you to go out there and enjoy the great outdoors activities.

In the next articles, I will write more on those outdoors activities in more detail so that you could get the maximum enjoyment while in spring season.

Spring Season


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