Saturday, 27 February 2016

How To Simplify Your Cooking Meals

With the busy life going-on, you may find a hard time in preparing meals for your family but you need to prepare in a convenient way and not too expensive bill. Try some of this tips to simply your cooking :-

1.Cook several meals for a week consumption and frozen them. This may consume time but will make it easy for the rest 6 days. You will spent shorter time when you get home from work in preparing the meal.

2. Clean all the fruits and vegetable that you have bought from grocery store. When it’s meal time , they are ready to be cooked or make them as a salad or soup.

3. Look for ideas on how to prepare healthy meal in a short time. You can get this from TV shows, magazines etc.

4. Compile a series of recipes and keep in a file. The recipes could be for a 30-days meal where you can rotate it. Get your family members to choose which recipes to be use on various days. With this you will not be wasting time thinking what meal to cook.

5. Get your grown-up kids to help you. Divide and distribute their cooking responsibilities.  Give them  specific tasks such as who will wash the fruits and vegetables and who will prepare the ingredients for cooking.

6.  I believe there are your friends and neighbours  out there that will do the same thing like you. Group with them and share your cooking . For example cook four or five similar meals and have it exchange with four or five of your friends who cook different meals. With this in the end you have also another 4 different meals to be kept for the whole week.

7. Collect some coupons for those convenience things that are available at the grocery store. These coupons is essentials to buy dinners be it fresh or frozen when every family members is going different ways home and thus time is critical.

8.  For a change of environment , you can eat at outside. Collect some coupons for these occasions and if you want to bring kids along go to places that can offer discounts for them . Some fast food restaurants do offer a pack of healthy food for them too.

9. In larger cities, you can find many businesses prepare food for the evening meals. It may look expensive but if you take into account the cost of groceries and the time taken in preparing meals or even eating out , you will find that it is worth to go for this prepared meals. Not only convenience but you can choose from that varity of menus and some are cooked for diets people

10. You can mix some of the ideas into one plan whichever best suitable for you.

Now with those tips you will find that you do not have to spend hours in the kitchen everyday and cooking meals will be fun and enjoyable



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