Sunday, 21 February 2016

How To have A Healthy Dinner

If you are a kind of person that love dinner outside, do you think that you can lose weight when the foods out there contains over 500 calories?

The answer is yes if you know how to order the right menu.

Here are some tips on how you can enjoy a healthy dinner  out there :-

When ordering drinks, avoid asking for alcoholic beverages and you can avoid calories which is considerably high in it. You would be best taking the iced tea with non caloric sweetener, a diet soft drink or any water with lemon. All these drinks are calorie  savings.

Consider salad in your menu. Salad comprise large amount of antioxidants which is known to combat heart problems. Never forget to ask the waitress to exclude croutons and cheese as this will further reduce the caloric intake. Be wise in choosing the dressing of the salad. Avoid the cream based dressings and choose for the vinegar based one. You can also use the olive and vinegar oil which is good for a healthy heart.

Do you need appetizer in your dinner menu?. Some appetizers have more calories and fat than the main course.Don’t order it unless it is necessary to complete your dinner. Many appetizers are fried-based and served with heavy sauces.All these are full of saturated and trans fats and also calories. Thus, you may not want to start your meal with this unhealthy foods.

Avoid fried but go for grilled and broiled foods. You will save a lot on calories and fat  grams and also trans fats which are mostly found in fried foods. Maybe you could consider to place double order for the vegetables to start the meal.

Starch do contain calories and carbohydrate.  Eat your salad with tomato based sauces rather than cream based as explained earlier that this is calories savings. Ask the waitress to serve the sauce in a separate dish so that you could control the amount of sauce that you want to take with the salad.

Nowadays, many restaurants are offering larger quantities of food at an attractive rates as compared to the past. In this situation , put a portion aside of the meal before you start eating for you to bring it home with you. By doing this you will be less tempted to overeating at one time.

Remember this : Avoid sugar and fatty dessert but go for low fat or carbohydrate foods such as low carb cheesecake. This is a good choice if you are concern about staying healthy but still ending your meal with sweet things. The other option, try end up you meal with a cup of coffee to help you have the feel of something sweet when ending your dinner.

Keep all the above tips in mind when you go for dinner and you will see that you are far from calories build-up.

You will enjoy having your healthy  dinner by choosing the right menu.

Healthy Dinner


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