Monday, 14 March 2016

Some Simple Spring Activities For Kids

When spring season comes , it means there is no more months of freezing surroundings. The temperature rises to a more bearable degree, not too cold and not too hot.   Spring offers much fun and enjoyments for  us and the kids where we have been trapped indoors during winter.

Spring is like the season of transforming  our life. This is the seasons where we start to do so many activities , right from  house cleaning, gardening ,  improving our homes ,  enjoying our favorite sports and  an endless list much to do.

For kids , this is the season that they have been waiting for especially with the school break.  They too, have lot to do outside to make their life more fun and filling.  Here are some of  the ideas  of activities for  them to consider :-

Get Back To Nature

During months of winters, kids could only see the nature through the window. When spring comes, its their chance to get outdoors and experience the nature themselves.  Give them a chance to feel the earth with their hands and feets  by allowing them to make some simple gardening.

Fun With The Rain Drops

Allow them to play in the rain but equip them with raincoat and rain boots.  Listen to the raindrops on the umbrella and some splashing in  puddles.

Riding On A Bike

On the fine weather,  get them some biking activities.  Open the store and  clean the bikes , check the air in the tire.  Not only kids but the whole family should do the riding which is good for the health. For your kids,  refresh them with some bike safety tips  and do not forget to check the fitness of their helmet.

Take Some Walking Movement

We always forget to take some simple walking until we realize that it is too cold outside to stroll around.   Start a brisk walking with the kids. For the non-walkers, put them in a stroller while the rest  can lace-up their  foot with those comfortable tennis shoes.  Walking can be adventurous for kids as they can collect sticks and leaves for the art and craft projects , carry a sound recorder along as they can discover new sounds.

Go For A Picnic

Pack up your lunch box for a picnic instead of  having it on the table at home.  The kids would not object to it.  There is no need to go far as you can have it in the park or in your backyard . There are so many picnic food to choose from and you can have plenty of options to fill your picnic basket every day of the week.

Go On A Spring Break

There must be a reason why  kids  were given a week school days off  during spring .  After being stayed all the time in the house during winter , kids are just excited enough for a getaway like their parents.  Plan for a spring break that the whole family can enjoy.  There are plenty of spring break destinations which are kid-friendly which offer day, weekend or long-stay trips.

Engaged In Sports

Prepare to cheer on your favourite athlete.  Sports rosters will open up for registration during spring season.  For some cities, kids as young as two can join sports team.   Your boring winter days stuck inside a house will be replaced with removing stains from uniforms and taxiing the kids to and from their games.

These are some of the ideas that you can take off with your kids to make their life more happier during spring seasons.

Spring Activities For Kids


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